Friday 17 August 2018


The older my girls get I find it harder to buy for. They are never into just one thing and honestly , their interests change all the time.

I have come up with a little gift guide to help with anyone who’s struggling to buy for their kiddies , or maybe your stuck for buying for your little ones friends. Either way I hope this guide gives you a little inspiration and hopefully helps you out :)

Alessia has been asking for a chocolate making set for years , and I have always said when she gets a little bit older and she can understand how to do it then we will get one . This Nickelodeon experimake Sweet treats and chocolate maker  I have found from Addo is perfect. It’s super simple and easy to make , even for little ones and the goodies it makes are delicious, yes mama got to taste test :) 

I am sure every child on the planet loves Smiggle. My girls have always been big fans of smiggle and we can’t walk past the shop without going in. They have such a variety to chose from ranging from slime to stationary. 

I like getting the girls some gifts that they need , so with the new school year coming up soon , this pencil case and pencil set is the ideal present . Not only are the colours scented , which all kids love , but also they’ll love showing off their new pencil case to their friends in class :)

Books are a massive love in this house and the kids always ask for new books for their birthdays and i think reading is such a brilliant quality. The David Walliams range is a favourite at the minute, and the demon dentist is one to not be missed! :)

I don't know any child that doesn't love crafts. Give my kids some card and glue and they will play for hours. The out of the box range from Addo have some really cool craft sets including the Foil pictures and card set. Alessia has had a similar set to this in the past and loved it, and it is also great for them last minute birthdays when you need a card! just make one :)

Sylvanian families have been a much loved set in our home for many years now. Since Kadiann was little we have been adding to our collection and growing it every birthday and christmas. The bramble hedgehog family are the newest member's of our collection and they are the cutest ones by far.

I hope my gift guide has helped you out and you are no longer stuck for ideas for that birthday coming up! :)

- We were sent these products in exchange for a feature in this guide 

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