Monday 17 September 2018


What a weekend! Feeling slightly rough but it has been worth it . This past weekend I have been in Manchester at blogon toys, which if you are not familiar with, it is a blogging conference held twice a year in Manchester. I did go to last years September conference if you fancy having a read about -
Blogon Xmas - my first blog conference event , now im bloody hooked! :)

I took the plunge actually and decided to stop over night on the Saturday as there is a launch party the night before where all the bloggers and some PR’s get to mingle and meet , which really does help break the ice for the following day.

It was also my first night away from Nila, but Scott did well with the kids and they are all alive- which is a bonus! ha :)  we are also part way through moving so it’s been a hectic week but I wasn’t missing blog on for the world.

I actually met up with some bloggers before the launch party for dinner at wagamamas - which was my first time and it was delicious!!

The launch party was brilliant! Slightly drunk and dancing on the dance floor- yes dancing! With anyone and everyone.. from what I can remember !

The conference on Sunday was fantastic . I managed to go to all the seminars that I had planned to go to and made lots of notes , so I really have my blogging head on , and ready to get organised! Fingers crossed Emily Leary’s to do list points have stuck in my brain and I can get blogging , kids and the house all in order, how great would that be :) and meeting Alex winters the cbeebie's presenter!

I made some lovely new friends and met up with some friends that I made from last year and honestly , this conference is the most friendliest event I have ever been too. It’s funny that even though I have not met some of the bloggers before the conference, as soon as you start talking , you just click. It’s so strange .

I had lunch - which is always delcious!!! And cake . The cake was seriously epic!. The brand den was full of friendly PR faces and some really incredible stuff out for Christmas .

Seeing Elf on the shelf always gets me in the Christmas mood, and designafriend have little cute babies out now , which I know Nila is definitely going to want for Christmas.

The goody bag and everything else I came home with has actually give me back ache from lugging it about - but I am not complaining! We’ve got some really cool things to review and also some stuff put up away for Christmas , along with some goodies the girl opened this morning .

I can not wait for the next one!

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