Wednesday 19 September 2018


The nights are getting darker earlier and colder and although I love summer , I absolutely love the cosey autumn nights. There is something about feeling snug isn’t there ?. The season for hot chocolates, pumpkin scented candles and a good warm jacket!

We have just moved back to Staffordshire, and the town we live in gets cold, we are the highest peak in our town and when it snows , you can bet we are the ones trapped in our houses , which the kiddies absolutely love! :)

I’ve been sorting through the clothes - I guess it is handy that we have moved as I’ve got some time to sort out pretty much everything little by little and put away all the summer stuff ready for the baggy jumpers and super soft fleeces to make their appearance once again.

Also a good excuse to treat myself to something new , as I rarely do that and I’m going to be honest , I’m always cold! . I am one of these people that have the heating on 24/7 - I know,  i know, not really cost effective, but once summer is over I am never warm !

Ok so I had a little look on Simply Hike - as I know they have some gorgeous soft fleeces, perfect for this time of year. They have so many different varieties and styles. They also have some stuff on sale at the moment , which is always a bonus isn’t it :)

I need a new jacket for this year. I always buy something that looks pretty but doesn’t do the job and doesn’t keep me warm at all. I think fleeced lining is a must have and a comfy hood - that actually stays on and doesn’t fly on at the first site only a bit of wind.

The women’s ski jackets are perfect for this as they have the higher collar , making it a lot easier to keep the wind out! Making them completely wind proof. They have a high loft insulation , so no ones  going cold in these bad boys - even me. They have some really pretty ones too- I love the gorgeous red one that also is fitted making it flattering as well as keeping you warm.

Let me know which one you would choose and I am so indecisive! Women eh :)

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