Friday 21 September 2018


The teletubbies have always been a favourite in our house . Our eldest daughter is now 15 and she absolutely loved them growing up, as did Alessia and now we have baby Nila,she is besotted with them.

It’s nice that all three girls have shared a love for the teletubbies and also we have handed down some of the toys as the older ones have grown out of them and also enjoy all the new range that comes out like this stackable PO.

PO is Nilas favourite teletubbie and when we opened this she couldn’t stop cuddling it!. The teletubbie stackable PO is made up of just four parts - which I think is brilliant for its age range  as it’s not a hard and difficult toy and doesn’t lose little ones concentration.

PO is made from soft plush , which makes cuddles even better. She is full of bright colours and is also full of sensory bits including her crinkly hand , her jingly feet , and all the different textured materials on her, which encourages curiosity.

Nila is at that age where different textures really catch her eye and then she explores more of the toy,. PO is perfect for this as there is so much to explore ,which is perfect for independent play.

The pole has a soft silky touch which makes the rings easy to glide onto. We have been learning to stack with Nila for the last couple of weeks and she is really getting the hang of it . The soft pieces makes it easy for Nila to pick up and stack all by herself .

The soft chimes are a lovely touch and Nila loves the  mirrored tummy. She puts it up to her face to try and see herself , which is so cute.

The stackable PO is aimed at babies from 6 months , which I think is the perfect age and PO will only grow with your little one , letting them become more independent with her and learn more as they get older.

It retails at £29.99 and can be purchased from amazon .

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