Sunday 23 September 2018


if your children are like mine, then you will know sometimes there is just no pleasing them when it comes to snack time. My girls have always chosen a packed lunch from home to take into school as they much prefer it and they can also let me know what they like and what they don’t like .

We’ve been trying to change it up a bit and make the lunches a little less boring and different for them so they are not getting bored of the same thing .

So I have found a few of their new favourites for their lunch boxes and thought I’d share them with you for a little bit of inspiration now the summer holidays are over and the kiddies are back to school.

The girls love taking apple juice into school, and having reusable bottles are definitely a money saver . sigg bottle range Is fantastic. They are light weight and leak proof, which is a must! as Alessia is prone to have a soggy lunch bag at the end of the school day. They also have some really cool designs for children that encourage them to drink more , which is definitely the case with my two .

Chocolate is a favourite for Alessia and Kadiann, although chocolate is monitored in their lunches but these yummy treats from Rhythm108 have a delicious treat for everybody. They stock a selection of biscuits and chocolate bars that are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free and honestly they are the tastiest things we have had! - of course mama had to test them out too :)

What goes best with biscuits? A nice cup of tea. The girls love their morning cup of tea before school but honestly, trying to get them awake and ready for school is a challenge never mind having time to drink all their tea :). The thermo food flask is perfect for popping their teas in, they stay warm for ages and make morning snack time at 10.30 a real treat with a cup of tea and bikkies:)

We also use it for soups and even left over stews- who said lunchtime had to be boring?

Why not swap the average packet of crisps to a packet of fruit crisps? or even some sea salt sweet potato sticks? . The range from Emily crisps are amazing and all my girls love these. They have just launched a new flavour chilli and lime potato sticks which i am sure Alessia will definitely want to try!.

Nuts are another favourite in this house, but because of the nut allergies the girls are not allowed to take nuts in, so we have found these super delicious flavour seeds by munchy seeds. You’ve got all kinds of flavours from salted caramel, which is Kadiann's favourite , to salted chilli! Yum!

I would love to hear if you have any yummy lunch snacks for your little ones packed lunches :)

- All products included in this post were gifted for inclusion in this post

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