Saturday 15 September 2018


If you have followed me for a while you will know i am an avid baby wearer :). I didn't baby wear with the two older girls and  i knew this time round i wanted to try and experience everything i didn't with Kadiann and Alessia.

I have tried a few slings and carriers along the way and I have loved baby wearing Nila. It has been the most incredible experience and I am so glad I got the chance to be able to do it - 3rd time round :)

Now Nila is 14 months old , and nearly a toddler , I can’t believe I am admitting that. They grow up so fast don’t they!, I have been on the look out for a new carrier that is suitable for her weight and also that I like.

We have tried and tested many in the 14 months of baby wearing and almost all of them have given me back pains. I had very bad back Labour with Nila and suffered really badly with back pains , so I initially thought the aching from baby wearing was due to this and not that I perhaps hadn’t found the right carrier.

I was kindly sent the Izmi toddler carrier from Cheeky Rascals to test out and i had heard so much positive feedback regarding this one, i could not wait to test it out, and was also crossing my fingers that it was comfy  :)The Izmi is a soft structured buckles carrier . It is suitable from ages 9 months up to 60lbs. It comes in a variety of colours and can be worn on the front , back and also the side.

Initially i got it out the box and was able to put it on with Nila in it on my own.I had struggled to do this with previous carriers, so this was a big bonus as i prefer to use the carrier on the school run in the morning, rather than the stroller,  as it is easier and quicker to get the kiddies to school ,but i would then struggle to get it off on when i got home as i didn't have any help!

The izmi carrier is a dream to use on your own and is made of the softest fabric that hugs to your little ones shape and size, bringing them the best comfort with their growing little bodies.  Nila is so comfy in the carrier, she falls asleep almost every time she is in it, unless shes being a nosy parker that day :)

The  - the izmi wrap like design distributes you little ones weight evenly to reduce pressure on your back. I have worn Nila on walks for hours. Last week we went on a walk and found wild blackberries and was out for nearly 4 hours. I got home and had no back pain what so ever.

I have recently started wearing her on my back and she loves it . I found it a little bit harder putting her on my back than my front,  but it is definitely the comfiest. Almost like wearing a rucksack! :)

This carrier is definitely a game changer and i absolutely love it .If you are on the look out for a carrier but not sure which one to get, i would highly recommend this one. They have the newborn version of the Izmi for all you newborn mummies too :)

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