Tuesday 11 September 2018


Disney princesses have been a firm favourite in our household for 15 years . Unfortunately for Scott, and yay for me!  we have had three girls , no boys, all girls and all these girls have absolutely loved the Disney princesses.

We must have the biggest collection of disney princess merchandise and it only keeps growing :). We have recently been sent the Disney Princess aqua beads play set to review.

The girls have used aqua beads at their friends houses and have asked for some for christmas so they were pretty excited to receive these and couldn’t wait to try them out .

The set includes over 1000 jewel and solid beads in 15 different colours.It also has a bead palette, a design table and a layout tray so you can lay all your beads and jewels in the right order so it’s a little less fiddly and your design sheets and spray bottle.

The logic to them is pretty simple and doesn’t take to long . The instructions are there to guide you, but the girls got stuck right in. You spray on the water  and the beads stick together and that is literally it - no ironing or any messing about , that is it and you are good to go ! :)

The set is aimed at 5+ and I definitely think children of that age would find this set really easy to use, and manage to spray their final piece and be really happy with themselves that they’ve don’t it all on their own, whilst an adult supervised of course :)

I love that aqua beads encourage and help with hand and eye co ordination, and are brilliant for memory skills.

This set retails at around £20, and can be purchased at hobby craft, Debenhams and Argos. I think this set would make a lovely gift for someone this Christmas :)

- We were kindly sent this prouct in exchange for an honest review

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