Over the weekend we went to Scarefest with the girls. It had actually been snowing Saturday morning , the day we went , and it made me feel all Christmassy! - I know , wrong season! :) .

I did debate whether or not to go but it soon stopped and didn’t settle so we packed some snacks for the journey and off we went .

We are not far from Alton tower, roughly 50 minutes , and we purchased Merlin annual passes this year and really want to make the most out of it them so off we went.

It was absolutely freezing! So it was a good job we all had a big woolly Coats on!. As we entered , there were pumpkins and Halloween themed music , it was brilliant . We had such a great time and would definitely go again:)


  1. Can't wait to take my kids to Alton Towers, they both get very car sick and it's a two hour journey for us but hopefully they'll grow out of it soon!

  2. Wow this looks fab! Not been to Alton Towers for about 20 years (it's about 5 hours away!) but would love to go again. Looks like you had a great time.


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