Tuesday 30 October 2018


Some families make it an annual habit of going abroad and yet have never ventured north of the M25. If you’re guilty of this, it could be time to book a holiday a little closer to home and see what you’re missing out on. The UK may not have weather to match the Med, but it makes up for it with a range of other attractions. Here are just a few good reasons to plan your next holiday in the UK…

Brilliant beaches

Wherever you live in the UK, you’re never more than a few hours from the sea. Our country is spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches, boasting coasts to suit every type of beachgoer. Whilst some of the traditional seaside towns have grown a little tacky, many have revamped themselves such as Skegness. There are then the timelessly trendy coastal towns such as Torquay, Bournemouth and Brighton where you’ll find buzzing nightlife and top class restaurants. As for those craving a secluded getaway, why not consider these caravans for sale in North Wales where you’ll be a stone’s throw from Colwyn Bay? The likes of Newquay and Pease Bay meanwhile are great surf spots.

Diverse cities

When planning a city break, there are also plenty of fascinating places in the UK worth visiting. The likes of Edinburgh are rich with history whilst sporting festivals such as the Fringe festival. Manchester meanwhile is a hub for live music whilst also its own historic side. Then of course there’s London where there an endless list of attractions from museums to shops to world-famous landmarks.

Rich history

The UK has plenty of historical attractions worth visiting too. There are prehistoric monuments such as
Stonehenge and Roman ruins such as Hadrian’s Wall. As for medieval history, there are plenty of cathedrals
and castles to choose from. The likes of York and Cambridge are two popular cities for those eager to delve
into the country’s past.

Natural beauty

The UK also has its fair share of natural beauty that many of us never explore. The country’s national parks are
some of the best places to discover this natural beauty. Head up to the Cairngorms in Scotland and you can see
reindeer and snowy peaks. Head down to Dartmoor and you can climb a tor and retread the setting of the Hound
of the Baskervilles. Other popular national parks include The Lake District, Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons.

It’s cheaper and less hassle than going abroad

Not only does the UK have so much to see and do – it could also cost you a lot less than going abroad. Whilst
hotels and eating out is generally expensive across the country, you’ll save money by not having to book a flight.
As a result it’s also less hassle – you can simply drive wherever you like in the country at your own pace without
having to go through the stress of the airport. Being such a small country, everywhere is in driving distance
(and even if you don’t drive, you can always take a coach for cheap).

I'd love to hear about your family getaways in the Uk and any recommendations you might have too! :)

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