Wednesday 31 October 2018


We have had a very busy afternoon. Hallows eve is always the day we carve our pumpkins.Scott normally picks them up the night before , I know, cutting it a bit fine as to if there is any left , but we always manage to get some.

I also find that if you have them in the house for a while they start going soft , so we pick them up a few days before Halloween in time for the trick or treaters! :)

This year is Nila’s first year decorating one. She is 16 months old today actually! And we have got her some little Brian mini paint sticks to decorate her mini pumpkin with. She is so into crafts now and I knew she would love these sticks.

Kadiann always has a little browse on google for some inspiration and she ended up choosing the Cheshire Cat from a Alice In Wonderland , which is actually my favourite story of all time .I love how much concentration Kay puts into her pumpkin and she did a really good job, it came out amazing!

 Alessia chose Harry Potter , which didn’t surprise me. It has been her topic at school this term and also a theme at brownies. I absolutely love her little Harry Potter face and the scar of the forehead is super cute and perfect. I love how she added detail to her pumpkin and daddy knew who it was straight away which made her happy.

We picked up some LED tea lights from the co op so we could keep the pumpkins lit up for as long as we wanted , without worrying if we could smell burning or them going out because the inside I of the pumpkin is to wet.

I actually prefer the LED tea lights and will probably pick these ones up every year.

My girls did such a great job on their pumpkins this year and they had so much fun making them. I on the other hand didn’t have so much fun clearing up all the mess :)

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