Thursday 1 November 2018


We all get into the habit of leaving things until the last minute or putting things off and then end up forgetting to do them all together , or maybe it’s to late and you’ve damaged something even more because you’ve not repaired it in the first place.

These type of things happen in our day to day life all the time and it got me thinking about our car. We have recently had to purchase a new car as or last one was in its last legs , quite literally!. I honestly think this was down to not looking after it throughout the year

It really doesn’t take to much effort to maintain and keeping not only your car safe in the road but you as the driver and your family.

Now winter is approaching it is super essential to make sure your car is ready for the colder months and here are a few tips to help get your car ready

  • Check your battery is fully charged - we actually got stuck in Wales on holiday thinking something was seriously wrong with our car , but it was actually the battery, it had completed died!
  • Your lights are working and are clean - it’s surprising how brighter your lights get by giving them a quick wash over with some soapy water
  • Check over your tyres and the tread - a quick tip for checking the tread with a 20p. Place your coin into the main tread grove. If the outer edge of the 20p is obscured when it is inserted then your tread is above the legal limit :)
  • Check your brakes are working well , listen to them. Most brakes have squealers installed on the edge which will indicate when your brake pads start to wear. These will let out a loud, high-pitch sound when your brake pads get too thin. If you push down in your brakes and your car doesn’t stop immediately.If you car pulls to one side when slowing down. These are all signs of wear and very dangerous, these need to be checked over by a is extremely important to have perfect brakes , especially at this time of year.
  • All fluids have been topped up and are clean - there is nothing worse than turning your windscreen wipers on to find out you have no water to clean the muck off your window! 

If you keep your car in check regularly and give it that little TLC then when it comes to Your MOT, you’ll be sure to not end up walking away with a big massive bill or a car only suitable for the scrap yard, trust me ! 

So don’t delay . Get your checks in now and if your MOT is due then Ossett Tyre House Offer authentic tests in Dewsbury :)

- Collaborative Post 

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