Friday 5 October 2018


If you have been a follower of mine for a while then you will know how much the girls love their fruit and vegetables. They can not get enough !

I have got to say I am pretty blessed in that department and have no trouble getting them to eat any fruit or veg at meal times - except sprouts but let’s be honest , sprouts are gross! Unless it’s christmas and we all force ourselves to eat one as a tradition, I know strange right? :)

They take a packed lunch into school most days, which is cost effective in the long run, but it also lets me see what they are eating and leaving , and they can also be part of  the process , which I really believe helps kids to eat more variety.

I was quite shocked actually to find out from some recent research done by seasonal berries that almost half of parents,47%, find it difficult to maintain a healthy snacking routine for their children while they are at school, and also 23% don’t think schools do enough to encourage healthy eating.with 65% of children are coming home hungry.

I do feel that some schools could encourage more healthy eating and perhaps Set out better guidelines for snack times.

Alessias school provides afternoon fruit and milk which is such a privilege as she is now 9. The girls do take a pot of berries in for their morning break and they have done for many years.

Berries are packed with nutrients and recent research from the university of reading revealed that eating strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries can improve reaction times, stabilise mood and maintain focus, as well as cognitive function for hours after consumption.

They are also really way to eat- that might sound odd , but there are many times the girls have come home with their apples or banana and said they didn’t have enough time to eat it , berries are a lot easier as a snack for kids to manage to eat in the space of time they have .

I also believe in balance , and all of us deserve a sweet treat so the girls and I have come up with three of our favourite berry treats to share with you, which are not only great for school pack lunch or snacks , but also at home with the family.

Blueberry pancakes - we love these on a Saturday morning topped with more berries and honey. Baby Nila loves them! The older two also love these cold in their lunch boxes and have actually told me that their friends like to ‘swap’ an item out of their box as they think they are delicious. You only need a cup of flour , a cup of milk, one egg and as many blueberries as you can fit in :)

Chocolate strawberries- everyone loves chocolate strawberries! Alessia loves helping me make these..and loves licking the chocolate bowl afterwards. Dip your strawberries in the chocolate and leave them to harden on some grease proof paper or a plastic container in the fridge. Even the teachers are impressed with these!

Berries and yogurt- super simple but a favourite for the kiddies . A pot of mixed berries and natural yogurt to take with them in a pot to school. So quick and easy.

All these ideas can be batched made as well, so you have plenty for the week, even the berries and yogurt can be divided into little snack pots for the week.

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