Sunday 7 October 2018


Road trip!!! We decided to take a trip to Wales yesterday. It was pouring it down with rain and usually I would say let’s go another time because the weather automatically puts me off but we got ourselves ready , had some breakfast and off we went.

Scott’s parents own a caravan there so we were heading there for the day as we rarely do things together these days. Life seems to get in the way of having fun these days and we have recently moved so it’s all been unpacking and stress for the past few weeks.

It took just over an hour and a half to get there / luckily Nila fell asleep the whole way there , which is always a bonus! . We got there just in time for some lunch and had some sandwiches before heading to the arcades and the park.

Alessia was on a winning streak and between her and Nana , we wended yo coming home with five cuddly teddies . This rarely happens on the grabber machines so she was super chuffed!.

We went to the local shop where we found the most gorgeous knitted cardigans . We found a ruby red one with a hood - perfect for this time of year and will go lovely with Nila’s Christmas dress this year and they were only £5.99, I think this will be the first of many knitted cardigans for her :)

A trip to the seaside is not complete without a fish and chip tea , it was a little to cold for the beach and both the girls have colds so I didn’t want to tempt faith and make them even worse, so we went to the ball park for a while before heading home.

We had a lovely care free , unplanned day and I think them are the best kind of days. Next time we head that way we will definitely be going on the beach and I’m looking forward to the Sunday market there :)

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