Tuesday 9 October 2018


If you have read my Back to school snack ideas  then you will already know that the snacks from rhythm108 are a big hit in our house . We absolutely love them!.

When I attended blog on a few weeks ago they were actually there and I couldn’t help but stop by and tell them how delicious the treats are and we were kindly gifted a box of their goodies to take home, happy mummy right here :)

I thought I would let you know a bit more about them , and if you have not heard of them before then where have you been? You are missing out on some tasty snacks!.

 Rhythm108 was founded by Siddhi Mehta, who graduated from University with a Masters in Engineering. She traded her life in the city to source the finest ingredients from across the globe and created the delicious Rhythm108 products based on all the natural ingredients.

The range has such a wide collection- from biscuits to chocolate bars. To the most delicious dessert bars I have ever tasted. The kiddies also absolutely love them and they are the perfect healthy treat and perfect for School packed lunch boxes.

The whole range is organic and gluten free. The chocolate bars are also dairy free so if you do have any allergies then these are the perfect treat with a lot less sugar and a lot more yumminess :)

My favourite dessert bar has got to be the  banana muffin one.. It taste just like homemade banana bread- which is my favourite! And the dessert bars can be warmed up for that extra naughty but nice pudding  after dinner, even better when the kiddies are in bed so you don’t have to share.

You can’t beat a nice hot cup of tea in the evening and some ginger and lemon biscuits to finish a long day- Friday night treat, or a super coconut chocolate bar, i have just ran out of these so will definitely be picking up some more !

So if you are on the hunt for a new tasty treat, with no nasties and super duper delicious, then i would highly recommend you check  these bad boys out. They can be purchased from a few places :)

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