Thursday 11 October 2018


I think we all have a quick and easy emergency dinner up our sleeves don’t we?. As parents , sometimes you need that super quick meal at tea time that doesn’t take long and all the kids get fed and you have happy faces all round :)

Pizza Wheels - super simple and you can add so many different ingredients to these, great for adding left overs in the fridge and it’s great for the kiddies to help out with too!


Ready rolled puff pastry
Grated cheese
Tomato purée
Any left overs you have in - ham / mushrooms/ sweet corn

Let’s get cooking

Roll your pastry out - you want the pastry cold still so bring it out of the fridge as soon as you need it . Spread the tomato purée over the pastry as you would do when making a pizza. Add your extra fillings , we love ham or salami in ours.  Then top with as much cheese as you like :) we love cheese in this house!

Then get rolling!. This can be a little tricky so I would suggest the grown up to roll. Once you have rolled it , cut into 1cm rolls  and place on a baking tray. Be sure to leave a little space between each one as they do puff out a little :)

Put them in the oven 180c for 25 minutes , or until golden brown and they are ready to serve!

We serve ours up with some baked beans, sweet corn  and cucumber .

Let me know if you re create this recipe and I’d love to hear what you fill your pizza wheels with ! :)

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