Saturday 13 October 2018


If there is one thing the girls and I are absolutely petrified off then It is spiders!.

I don’t know what it is about them but if there is one lurking in the house then daddy is definitely being called to get the little fella, or big fella in some cases, especially now the weathers got colder , they seem to be huge!!

You probably think we’re mad now but given the chance to test out the Robo spider from Zuru, and we jump at the chance!, I know , crazy right? But it looks super cool and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it and give it a spin.

At a glance in the box it really does look realistic, I wasn’t going to tell the girls and just whack it out in the living room , but then hats pretty evil and I didn’t fancy the tears! :)

It’s battery operated , and came with the battery which was handy.It has an on/off switch underneath it's body and once you turn it on, his ready for action.As easy as that.

The spider doesn't crawl on carpet, but we popped him by Nila and she wasn't sure of him at all, and she didn't move, which is a first!

The body is furry which is makes it even more realistic! And did give me shivers, and it crawls along the floor just like a real spider. If you was to pop it in the living room to prank one of your friends or family then I definitely think they would be fooled by it , and probably scare them half to death in the process! :)

They retail at £6.99 , which I think is an absolute  bargain price for the amount of fun the kiddies have had with Rob - we’ve named him Rob - Rob the robo spider :)

I think the Robo alive will be a great little gift for Christmas , and definitely a perfect little stocking filler . You can purchase this creepy crawling spider from Argos.

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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