Monday 22 October 2018


one thing we all love to do is bake, but sometimes I like to whip something up just in time for the school run so the kiddies have a surprise treat to come home to.

Rocky road is one of the easiest treats to make and can be left to set for as long or as little as you want as the chocolate and marshmallows harden quite quickly.


A pack of chocolate chip cookies- or any biscuits you fancy using .
Marshmallows - we picked up some gooey blood ones from the Co- op :)
A bar of chocolate for melting
Some small mini chocolates - I had 2x mini twix bars
Any Halloween sweets - I got some scary vampire eyes for ours


Break the chocolate up in to chunks and melt in the microwave . This normally takes 2 minutes, stir half way and when you are done, add some marshmallows in and put back in for 30 seconds, just enough to start melting the marshmallow.

Whilst that is melting you have encountered time to break up your cookies and cut your chocolate into small chunks .

Once all melted add in your broken cookies and chocolate with the left over marshmallows and get mixing . Make sure all the mixture has the melted chocolate and marshmallows on as this is key to it all sticking.

Once it’s all coated , add in your sweets and give that a few stirs and then add the mixture to your grease proof tin for setting.

I pop mine in the fridge as this reduces the setting time . Half and hour later , pop it out of the fridge , cut into little bits and here you have some Halloween rocky road gooey bites ready for the school pick up :)

I’d love to hear if you re create this and what Halloween themed sweets you add to yours !

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