Sunday 21 October 2018


Yesterday was glorious . I absolutely love Autumn. The crisp air but still have the sun shining . We love walking and are always on the look out to find a new trail to explore .

I love that my girls enjoy the outdoors and love to explore . If I can get them away from the laptops over the weekend then I’m happy :) and making the most of the dry weather while it actually lasts!

If you haven’t been following for a while then you won’t know that we have recently moved and at the back of our garden is the biggest field you have ever seen. There is also a farm and it’s such a beautiful sight waking up and opening your curtains in the morning.

We decided to get out and explore it yesterday and pick some leafs and conkers too for some crafts. I stuck Nila in the izmi toddler carrier and off we went.

If you haven’t tried a toddler carrier then I would definitely recommend the izmi, it is brilliant and Nila absolutely loves being in it :)

We actually found a little secret entry to the top of the field a couple of houses up from us - a little tiny ally way that leads you to it , which is perfect! Almost like entering the secret garden, Alessia loves it!

We went to see the cows- Nila loves animals and kept pointing at them and talking. Pointing is her new thing if she wants something :) we also saw some baby calf’s too.

There are actually a few paths to choose from - we chose the one with the most trees in the hope of collecting some conkers and acorns. We found a little hideaway den which we all managed to get into and pick some beautiful coloured leafs.

The girls were in their element with all the crispy leafs and the fresh air . We couldn’t find a single conker or acorn - apparently there aren’t many this year , we did have a good look around but couldn’t find any, but we will still be on the lookout on our next walk :)

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