Monday 1 October 2018


Alessia has had a wobbly tooth for months and months , and she has been trying all sorts of ways to get it out . My girls are big fans of the tooth fairy - I am sure it has something to do with the pennies she gives them :) , but they’ve always loved putting their tooth under their pillow and waiting for her to arrive.

This weekend Alessia finally lost her tooth. She was so happy and couldn’t wait to put it under her pillow. Unbeknown to me, she had taken the tooth to the bathroom to wash so it was nice and clean for the tooth fairy , and ended up dropping it down the sink.

Oh she was in tears over it . So we decided to get the out of the box picture and foils cards set out from Addo play and wrote a letter to the tooth fairy to explain all.

Alessia thought it was a great idea and got stuck in- with a smile on her face :) The set includes different cards with designs on, pictures , sequins and some really pretty paper.

She picked the unicorn card.The set also includes the envelopes for the cards and a large picture with frameless frame,but a unicorn card was obviously want the tooth fairy wanted. Plus

we are all a little obsessed with unicorns in this house :). She picked out her coloured sequins and got sticking.

The cards are already sticky where the sequins need to be placed so makes it super easy for kiddies to craft away happily without needing any help and mess free! We all love a bit of crafting with no mess don’t we ? :)

Card wrote and on the window ledge ready for the tooth fairy to take . Alessia couldn’t wait to check this morning if she had been . The tooth fairy came :) - she took the card and left Lessie some pennies . We have a happy little girl this morning and no doubt we will be off to the ships this afternoon to buy some goodies

- We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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