Friday 26 October 2018


We’ve spent the day making some cupcakes. Halloween is an excuse to get baking and these monster eye vanilla cupcakes are not only delicious but they definitely look the part on your kitchen table! :)


110g Self Raising Flour
80g Softened butter
50g Caster sugar
2 Eggs
1 Tablespoon vanilla extract

100g softened butter
Food colouring - which ever colour you have or like
200g icing sugar


Preheat your oven .
Combine the soft butter and caster sugar into your bowl and get mixing. Once mixed ,add in your eggs and your vanilla extract and mix again.

Now slowing add in your self raising flour , mixing as you go along . We mix by hand, no fancy machines in this house but we like it that way :)

Once your cupcake mix is ready pop into your oven 180C for half an hour or until golden brown. Run a knife through one to check the centre isn’t gooey before taking them out .

Leave them to cool down and get making your buttercream! :)
Add your icing sugar slowly to your softened butter and get whisking. The more you whisk the fluffier your butter cream will be. Add a few drops of your food colouring at a time to see how light or dark you want your colour to get .

Once your cupcakes are cool , too them with your butter cream and your monster eyes and let them sit just in time to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

Id love to know if you re create this recipe and how creepy your monster eyes look

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