Thursday 25 October 2018


When it comes to blind bags or egg surprises, Alessia is there!. She absolutely loves them and has done for years . So when we got the chance to check out the cutest new unhatching egg from Zuru then she literally jumped at the chance! :)

Rainbocorn sequin surprise - the cutest thing I have ever seen if I am honest!. They are a collectable  cuddling plush , full of beauty!

Every Rainbocorn hatches from its bright mystery egg, which you can keep for storage if you wanted too, and out comes your rainbocorn. There are so many different ones to collect,including a bunny corn and a unicorn!. Alessia got a kittycorn called Snapcat. You also get a little boo boocorn inside the tiniest egg. Alessia got a boo boo kitty, which is the one she wanted so she was happy.

There are 10 unique secret heart designs to collect  , which can actually be used as a hair clip and Alessia wore this to the school disco and everyone wanted to try it out!. It also sits at the front of your rainbocorn which makes it look even cuter!

They are so soft and Alessia has already asked for another one for Christmas to add to her collection, which I know will be ever growing .

They also have a series on YouTube which we have been loving and watching them come to life on TV is so cool!. Nila loves it too and dances away when it is on . The new episode is here to watch :)

 The Rainbocorns retail at £24.99, which I’m quite surprised at, i thought the retail price would be a little more , so I think it’s definitely a bargain for all the treasures you get inside .

If your not already hooked on them then go and check out all their social media links below , you will definitely be out buying these cute little munchkins for your kiddies for Xmas once you do . I know they are going to be a massive Christmas too buy this year!

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