Wednesday 24 October 2018


We have spoke about going to France for Christmas for a few years now . It looks so beautiful and if you love snow around that time of year then I would say go for it ! :)

We’ve actually had a little bit of snow in Stoke this week! It didn’t settle , but it got me really excited for Christmas! Does anyone else really love snow and Christmas and the cold !

Kadiann’s nan goes skiing in France every year and absolutely loves it!. The photos look amazing and she has asked to take Kadiann with her when she next goes, although I am slightly jealous she doesn’t want to take me too! :)

We had said we will save up for it and go next year when Nila is a little bit older and can handle the colder weather , and hopefully she will be walking! Fingers crossed :) .

If you know me and have followed me for a while then you will already know that I have been on the internet and trying to find some good deals or maybe a discount code for a holiday that we could maybe put a deposit down or start putting some money aside every month for .

I think planning in advance does really help and you also know your budget and what you can afford and that way it doesn’t seem as stressful and panicky .

Whilst searching for our perfect Ski holiday in France, I came across some really useful sites, including snow finders. They let you search through their options which include ski apartments with childcare , all inclusive!, which is definitely a must with children.

Also hot tubs and Christmas ski holidays. I can not wait for Christmas and I can definitely picture us all in a log cabin or lodge by the fire , preferably log! after a skiing lesson in the alps :)

I’d love to hear if you’ve been on a skiing holiday in France and if you have any tips being there with kiddies that be would be perfect!

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