Sunday 4 November 2018


When it comes to kitchen gadgets I haven’t a clue!. I’m a good old fashion hand kneading and hand whisking kinda gal, I always have been.

When AO kindly offered me the chance to review the  Morphy Richard’s Prepstar Food Processor I actually jumped at the chance . I have actually seen so many good reviews of this bad boy and to say I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it was an understatement.

Initially it does look a little scary for a novice of kitchen devices! :) . It comes with 6 different accessories which is perfect for grating cheese ,salads or meal prep your veg in bulk.

To me a food processor just whizzed up onions or things like that, told you I’m a novice! :). I am so surprised on how cool this gadget it! We have mixed dough in this to make our homemade pizzas, and even put all of our banana bread ingredient in and just bunged it in the oven!.

My favourite has got to be the cakes!. Mixing them up in this makes the moist fluffiest cupcakes , and it also saves all of our arms using the hand mixer, which is music to my ears now :) this machine is so versatile and I am sure there are endless ways you could use it .

There is also a speed setting so you can choose the speed you need, which makes whizzing up your ingredients super fast , especially with dips and things like hummus that need a good amount of speed, the 350 watt makes it super easy.

A great feature with this food processor is the size, it’s not actually that big and our kitchen isn’t the most spacious of kitchens, so I find this machine easy to store away as it’s very compact and everything just fits inside itself.

Kadiann is doing cookery in school and has loved using this to recreate her recipes , which also indicates how easy it is to use , and I love that she wants to help out in the kitchen more now .

This is definitely my most favourite possession at the minute!. I absolutely love it and would definitely recommend to any kitchen foodies or any novices our there , you definitely won’t be disappointed.

I can’t wait to use it in the coming weeks for yummy mince pies and homemade pastry! :)

-We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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