Saturday 3 November 2018


When it comes to sweets and chocolate, the girls are there!. I don’t know any children that don’t like goodies and our treat cupboard is always full of different treats for after dinner.

The girls were lucky enough to be sent a Taffy mail American sweets box to try out over half term. I’ve got to say they were super excited as they are obsessed with different candy from all over the world .

Taffy mail is an American candy subscription box that is delivered to your door every month full of yumminess. They have different size boxes- from lite box at £7.49 a month with free delivery to the extra box at £24.99.

I love the idea of subscription boxes coming to your door monthly as you don’t know what is in them and it’s a lovely treat that you can look forward to every month.

So this box was a Halloween themed box , which included the famous mallow peeps in pumpkin form. Nila absolutely loved these!. She is only 16 months old so we only let her try these, but she really enjoyed them :)

We had a mix of different candy including air heads and a box of boogers which Alessia has seen on YouTube before and was eager to test them out . She said they were delicious, which made me and Kay laugh because of the name of them!

Kay and I loved the m&m’s candy corn flavour. They were definitely the best out of the box!. We had a pack of original candy corn but were not the biggest fan of them.

We would definitely have this book again. It was shared between 3 of us and even daddy got a few little treats, would he absolutely loved the jalapeno cheesy bites!.

If your looking for a candy subscription box that you can share out between your kiddies , which is definitely cost effective then I would really recommend Taffy mail.

We have actually ordered a box for next month so I am really excited to see what we get .. watch this space :)

-We were gifted this box in exchange for an honest review

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