Just under two weeks til christmas and I am feeling it. Does anyone else get like this when it starts getting closer to the big day?

I feel like everything has to be ‘perfect’ , but if I’m honest , the more ‘perfect’ I try and make it , the more that goes wrong! And I don’t enjoy it.

I always feel like the girls haven’t got enough or we haven’t made the house look Christmassy enough for the kids. We’ve not done enough baking , or had enough mince pies.

It sounds ridiculous doesn’t it , especially when you write out all the worries , there really is more to Christmas then that. Last year Alessia was in hospital all day and luckily they let her out at 8pm- so you can understand why I have this obsession with having the ‘perfect’ Christmas.

I am also self employed now , so If I don’t work then I don’t get paid so I am trying to get as much work done hopefully before the 20th so I can have some time of to just enjoy my family and relax!.

This morning whilst Nila had her nap, I have written out a massive list of things I need to get done, so there’s no forgetting anything - I did forget crackers one year! I was devestated!. I had a massive clear out of stuff yesterday too.

Also had the biggest clean known to man so I can focus on work today and getting organised so there is no last minute worries. I do suffer from anxiety so that doesn’t help !, but I’m hoping my list of tasks will help me out.

I’m hoping to get everything done by the weekend. It’s a big list, I’m not going to lie, but I think once you’ve sorted a to do plan, tasks are easy to complete . It’s when there racing in your head 90mph at 3am is where it all goes wrong.

As long as I have my little family around me and I see the girls smiles on their faces - all the worries melt away, but until there I will probably still be worrying like normal !:)


  1. I get you, there's so much to do that it's hard to relax in the run up to Christmas! I've just written a post of self-care tips for exactly this reason!

  2. I think its normal to get anxious before the day itself and hope you manage to do as much off your to do list before the 20th

  3. There is so much to so in the run up to Christmas no wonder you are anxious. I'm doing Christmas dinner for my MIL so that's stressful

  4. I am so with you on this. You will have the perfect day as long as you are relaxed and theres dinner on the table xx
    Mary louise

  5. Oh I completely understand - I think everybody does! This time of year there is SO much pressure for everything to be perfect, and yet I know my children really won't care if it's perfect; they just want everyone to be there and be happy and that's all that matters.

  6. I completely understand - Christmas is such an overwhelming time of year and there is a lot of pressure to 'keep up'. But striping it all back and focusing on family is also so very important :)

  7. Totally understand. I have the added stress of having two trips away either side of Christmas AND a kitchen renovation taking place right now that means we're living out of boxes / microwave meals. In a way I can't wait to get away - but I want my kitchen done before I go!

  8. I have been so busy organising the school christmas fair that I am really behind - luckily I break up from my job before the kids so I have time to catch up


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