Thursday 13 December 2018


Once the main presents are bought and wrapped and out of the way. I start looking at little bits for the girls stockings.

I love filling up their stockings and you can find some really cool stuff too!. Scott and I also have stockings - do you? . It isn’t always been a thing , but we started it a while ago and I love having a stocking!.

Anyway I thought I would share we you some stocking ideas for the whole family and hopefully give you some inspiration when I’m the hunt for your stocking presents.


Alessia is obsessed with scented pens - Kadiann use to be when she was younger so I think it might be a ‘thing’.These scented smencils by Scentco are perfect for any one who loves scented pens. They have so many different scents to chose from and loads of packs to add to your collection.

Playmais am absolutely favourite in our house . The girls love it . DKL Toys have these really cute Playmais starter sets, which are so cheap at £2.50 and the perfect size for a stocking .

If you need something to keep the kids entertained whilst your cooking your Christmas dinner then pop a Hama bead blister set in their stocking . They contain a board and Hama beads for your little one to design, and will also give you time to get the turkey cooked :)

Plus plus is something we have discovered this year and i think the 100 Piece Plus Plus set Is a nice little set to start with . DKL Toys have a variety of colour and themes , and you can add to your collection every year :)


Wine- say no more :) these really cute glasses of wine are perfect for the stocking .Minovino is a single serving of wine , red,white or rose and also have a glass that can be reused! Perfect !

I think every man needs socks at Christmas doesn’t he? I’m sure they all do! I know Scott is happy when he gets socks. This Toy Hilfiger Sock Set Comes in a smart tin and is definitely a winner for the Mr’s stocking :)

DVD- Scott and I love having movie night when the kids are asleep . Here are some releases that might tickle your fancy this year - I have not seen any of the  Mama Mia Movies I’m eager to watch the Purge 4, have you seen it yet? This Purge Box Set Collection Is something Scott would LOVE in his stocking.

We always try and get each other a nice meaningfulness Christmas card , and I have them all from the 10 years we’ve been together actually! Hallmark have some really sentimental cards for this time of year and also their itty bitty’s are the cutest things ever and perfect for stockings too!

I hope I’ve filled you up with plenty of little stocking filler ideas :)

-These products were gifted in exchange for a feature in the guide

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