Tuesday 18 December 2018


Every Christmas we bake . It’s not Christmas if your not baking in our house , and today I made some super easy gingerbread cupcakes.

Honestly - these cupcakes were delicious! And I’ve got to make them again when the girls break up next week apparently :)


Cupcake cases
Mini gingerbread men
DR Oetker gingerbread butter cream
A packet of vanilla sponge mix - any eggs or milk that is required when your mix


Pre- heat your oven gas mark 4/ 170c

Get yourself a bowl and add in the sponge mix , the eggs and water and mix . Give it a good mix. You can add them to a mixer if you have one but I find mixing the ready sponge packets better with your hands.

TOP TIP- When using a pre packet sponge mix, if you add a tablespoon of plain flour in and mix that all together , they come out super fluffy :)

Once you’ve mixed that all together , pop your cupcake cases in muffin tray and get filling them up with the mixture . A standard packet of mix will make 12 cupcakes .

Pop them in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

Once they all done , leave them to cool on a wire rack and then you can get to the good part :)

Cut the tops off as the butter cream goes on better. I used a plastic bag and popped the buttercream in the bag, cut a tiny hole in the corner and got pipping. I’m no professional so I did my best with this bit :)

Once the butter cream is done, finish them off with a cute little gingerbread man.

These were absolutely delicious and the Dr Oetker ready made buttercream is divine and makes baking around this busy festive time easy and stress free :)

I’d love to know if you re-create this recipe

-We were gifted DR Oetker samples to feature in this recipe

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