Monday 17 December 2018


When it comes to Sylvanian families , the girls collection just keeps getting bigger and they absolutely love it. All three of them are big Sylvanian family lovers and it’s lovely seeing them all share a love for the same thing :)

We were kindly sent the Marshmallow family set to review and the girls were super excited!. It was one of the sets from Alessia’s Christmas list , so she was even more thrilled to see it had been sent out to test .

The set has Mother Bianca, Father Bernard, Sister Katherine and Brother Christopher. They are dressed in pastel colours and very cute formal outfits.

A little bit more about the Marshmallow family ...

Mother Bianca is an incredibly well organised mouse, and runs the Grocery Market in the village. Her store stocks a great variety of every day necessities,so the Sylvanian are always visiting to pick up the essentials they may have run out of. She is also very good at chess, which is one of her favourite hobbies .

Father Bernard isn’t very good with details , so isn’t as organised as his lovely wife , men eh! :). However when it comes to his homemade cheese collection he knows the recipe for every single variety and loves to make delicious cheese dishes for his whole family. Bernard dreams of opening his very own Pizzaeria one day, with a four cheese pizza as the chef’s special, yum!`

Katherine is a very clever young mouse , and is excellent at maths and science. However she can be quite forgetful. She sometimes helps out at her mother’s shop on Saturdays, and while she can add up the grocery prices very easily, she can often forget how much things cost !

Christopher is the complete opposite to his sister. He has an excellent memory, and can remember every ingredient of his father’s prized cheese recipes. But ask him to work out the recipe quantities , or to convert the oven temperature , he can sometimes get a bit stuck! - maths is definitely not Christopher’s strong point :)

We love the Marshmallow family and it is such an adorable addition to the girl’s collection. You can purchase them here and they would make the perfect little Christmas present or even a stocking filler :)

- We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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