Sunday 16 December 2018


I can’t believe Christmas is not far away now . We have managed to get most of our Christmas shopping sorted and have got the Christmas food shop order done and ready to arrive next week :)

We have been really busy this weekend getting the house looking super festive and really cosy. I love this time of year as all the candles come out and the soft fluffy cushions and throws for the sofas.

We have also been on the hunt for a super soft rug for our living room. If you have followed us for a while then you will know we have recently moved home and have started decorating the rooms one by one .

We have pretty much sorted the living room but one thing is missing , and it’s a rug. We got rid of our old one from our last home due to all the workers coming in and out and unfortunately it got absolutely ruined. I did try and clean it with our carpet cleaner , but it was a no go.

I’ve been looking for one that is super soft and cosy , especially now winter is here and also because of baby Nila. She is walking a little bit now , but as you know , she loves to shuffle on the floor on her bottom most of the time :)

I think it’s always best to go with a rug that is great quality - especially if you have little ones that are on the floor most of the time .

I have been searching online - I love a good online shopping spree and have found some gorgeous Wool rugs for as little as £39.99. I want one that’s quite big so it covers the whole of the living room floor,  and that is also fits in with our theme .

I love the colour of this rug. It is hand carved and 100% wool. The perfect shade of black to add style and warmth to a room . I think this is in the one :) All I need. Ow is some soft new throws to match it and we will be all snug and cosy by the fire ready for Christmas:)

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