Thursday 20 December 2018


We have always had a fake Christmas tree , not for any particular reason. It’s just always be the normal thing for us , and we have had our tree for absolutely ages!.

We recently moved and said we would get rid of our old tree and treat ourselves to a brand new one this year . I’ve always wanted to have a real tree for a Christmas one year .

It’s the type of thing you see in movies isn’t it? Well I thought so. I don’t know anyone that ever gets real trees for Christmas - although I did ask my mum if we ever had them growing up and she said yes but unfortunately I don’t remember.

Anyway we were lucky enough to be gifted one from a company called the Christmas forest. Excited is an understatement ! Me and the girls were super excited and could not wait to get it into our home .

I really hadn’t a clue when it came to real trees- i didn’t even realise you had to water it , how funny am I! Anyway we got it delivered and that’s when the fun started .

Kadiann my eldest and I got to work and stuck it in its stand- we have a gorgeous 6ft Nordmann Fir  tree and my god is it heavy!. We managed to get it in its stand and tighten it in place . I filled the stand up with water .

You are suppose to cut a bit of the bottom so it drinks better , but we have just moved and could I find the saw? Obviously not! Typical right! I did try and use a cheese grater to grate it but we won’t talk about that :)

So we unravelled the netting and loads of ladybirds cake flying out of it - it was like a scene from Snow White! Kadiann was screaming the place down , it was hilarious. I didn’t have to tell her that the trees has been outside so we’re bound to find a few creepy crawlers lurking.

So we left the tree to dry out over night and then got decorating. I can’t tell you how gorgeous our living room smells. It smells amazing , so Christmassy !. Our tree is decorating and it looks perfect and I can definitely say we are now hooked and will be purchasing a real tree every year.

Thanks The Christmas forset xx

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