Saturday 9 February 2019


I must admit , I am a little bit of a hermit when it’s so cold, I love nothing more than to snuggle up on the sofa with the girls - blankets and duvets and watch movies .

I am making more of a conscious effort to get out more as when we are out : rain or shine , we actuall have such a great time and it’s so good for you too!.

Now Nila is finally walking confidently it’s so lovely getting out with her as she wants to get out the buggy and go strolling with her big sisters.

We took a trip to the charity shop first and got a few books , I love stocking up our little library with books from the charity shop , there are so affordable and no doubt I will always find one the girls really want :)

I also picked up a mama bear tshirt for myself for £3, which I LOVE!.

We picked up a few essentials from the co-op - milkshakes :), some eggs for our quiche for tea and a few treats as daddy had given them some money for a treat .

The park was empty- which is always a bonus! . Nila went straight for the swings as that’s her favourite thing to do!. ‘Yeah yeah’ is what she says if she wants something which is so blinking cute!.

She also tried to swing upsy daisy in the swing which was pretty funny!

Lessie’s priority was drinking her fudge milkshake - 9 years old and a love for milkshakes? I’m sure that’s a thing right ?

She loves the roundabout and goes until she feels sick , rather her than me! And she’s really been enjoying going down the slide with her little sister. They have such a lovely bond and it’s lovely watching them play and grow together .

We spent an hour and a half just having fun and being silly and it really was what we all needed. I must admit I was looking forward to a nice cup of tea when we got home :)

Safe to say the girls are now flat out in my bed - we’re having a sleepover and it’s been one lovely Saturday ..

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