Now is the time we usually start thinking about the garden , or should I say the dreaded garden!. Does anyone else let their garden ‘go’ over the winter months.

I’ve got to admit since we’ve had snow and been out to make snowmen I hadn’t realised how unkept and in desperate need of clearing it actually needed.

Although garden care can get quite expensive , I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to sort it out in time for summer , which will not only leave you with happy kiddies and solace to enjoy the sunshine when it comes, but won’t also break the bank :)

Start Fresh- now I am going to hold my hands up and say I am terrible for chucking stuff in the garden for ‘later’. I always say I’ll sort that out Kate and our garden has an arm chair in the back, a broken table and I don’t even want to think of what else is lingering in there.

It almost acts like a dumping ground over the winter . The chair got put outside as an ‘emergency’ as wecouldnt get the Christmas tree in the house , priorities right! :) so maybe a garden clearance Is what you need first.

Also you know if someone else is doing it for you, it’ll get done in no time , then you can concentrate on getting that summer garden ready :)

Start early - I start with our garden in February and a lot of people I’m mad for doing it but this is the time where everything is wet and so easy to get rid of - moss , mud - come summer time when the sun hits , it will be a lot harder to tackle and you want your garden ready for the summer to enjoy it , get them hands green fingered now! You’ll thank me later ;)

Water butt - These are a godsend and save so much money!. If like  us , you love growing your own fruit and veg and herbs , then a water butt is the way forward . You can pick them up pre loved on selling sites too! Last summer was the hottest it has been in years , so saving water this way gives you extra pennies for something else

Keep on top of the weeds! - this is actually really easy to do. During the winter months , the weeds do  grow absolutely wild in our garden and by the time summer comes around they are impossible to get rid of. We spray them with a solution of salty water and it weakens the stem which makes them a lot easier to dig out!

According to green machinery; Trimming your lawn is one of the most effective ways to control your weeds. To do that, you can utilise any string trimmer or a lawnmower. The third point is you need to keep your grass as proper height. Do not cut the grass to short, though. Experts say you should not trim more than a 3rd of the grasses height at a time.

Get some help- you might find that keeping on top of your garden is getting to much or you just want a break . I know my back goes completely once I’ve been out in the garden all day- I did our garden every week when I was 8 months pregnant , mad or super woman , I’m not sure which one I’d like to call myself , but getting some from a garden service maybe once a month will give you a break .

They do such a wide variety of jobs including , jet washing , lawn cutting , rubbish removals / the list is endless, and Starting at £15 an hour , it’s definitely not going to break the bank :)

- Collaborative Post


  1. Thanks so much for the advice. I really want to do more in the garden this year, especially as my son gets older. Thanks for the tip about the weeds, will try this with salt water. We are also going to get a water butt this year. Great to save on water and makes a lot of sense.

  2. We're hoping to concentrate a bit more on the garden this year. We always plan to do something but never quite manage it

  3. Such good advice! I am terrible at keeping on top of the weeds, but it's so easy for them to get out of control! That's going to be my first priority this year!

  4. This is great advice. My mum hates doing the garden when summer comes. I will suggest she starts a bit earlier this year to make it a lot easier.

  5. Our garden was pretty much abandoned all winter. Need to start working on it now.

  6. Great tips here. Our garden is a mess- we really need to work on it. Think we need someone to start it off and then we can maintain it. Wish I had green fingers


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