Thursday 7 February 2019


The past month  the weather has been absolutely freezing hasn’t it!. We have had snow over the last few weeks and temperatures of -6!  Although the girls love playing in the snow , coming in to a bit so warm house isn’t fun at all!.

Although we would love to have our gas central heating on all day and night , that just isn’t budget friendly at all is it and there are many ways to keep your home warm this winter without breaking the bank.

I have three ways that might help you keep in the heat during these colder months and also save you money along the way, which is what we are all hoping for aren’t we after Christmas:)

Block The Draft - there is always draft coming from somewhere isn’t there?. We tend to get a draft coming from the front door and drafts are easy to avoid with the simplest of things .

Draft excluders are my favourite!. They are really cheap to buy and also really inexpensive to make!. We’ve made them from old tights and stuffing for along the doors and they work so well. They are perfect for blocking any draft coming from the doors.

Blanket- An obviously one ! We have so many blankets and throws that sometimes you just don’t need to turn the heating up. Instead , snuggle up with some blankets and benefit from the heat that way. While your there , grab some popcorn and out in a move :)

Curtains- your probably thinking curtains? , but I know that blinds have been so popular over the last few years that no one actually has curtains anymore and this is where a lot of your heat actually goes. Having curtains as well as blinds helps keep all the heat and warmth in the room.

Central Heating - I know most homes have central heating but you would be surprised how many still don’t , especially rented homes. Our last home we lived in actually had storage heaters! I can tell you there was no getting that house warm in anyway at all. We use to joke and say it was colder inside than outside! They were also extremely expensive to run!

If you have got storage heaters or a different kind of heating system then having central heating fitted will definitely make so much of a difference .  Central heating boilers might seem a big expense at the start but it will definitely save you money in the long run and also be cost effective, which is what we all want :)

I hope you keep warm during these super cold months and would love to hear if you have any tips and tricks to keep cosy this winter

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