Wednesday 6 February 2019


When it comes to caring for cars, I will admit and hold my hands up and and say I am terrible . It’s just one of them things you don’t really think about isn’t is?, and then the next thing you know you’ve got all these problems that could of been avoided by caring for your car.

It really doesn’t take that much effect to maintain a healthy car really , and not only will it save you pennies in the long run , you are sure to know that you and your family safe .These are some of the things we have started doing to ensure our car is cared for and road safe

  • Checking the battery - this is a must! We got stuck in holiday once because we hadn’t checked the battery and need up calling out the Emergency services . So always check your battery!
  • Check your tyres and the tread - a quick trick to check the tread with a 20p. Place the coin into the main tread grove. If the other edge of the coin is obscured when it is inserted then your tread is above  the legal limit -  learn something new everyday 
  • Check your brakes - a very important one! Most brakes have squealers installed on the edge which will indicate when your brake pads are starting to wear . Perhaps your car pulls to one side when slowing down ? : these are all signs of wear and can be very dangerous and need to be checked over by a professional .
  • Keep them fluids topped up!- there is nothing more annoying than using the windscreen wipers without water! Make sure your fluids are topped up and are clean too 

Keeping on top of these little things and maintaining the car of your car all year round will save you so much money in the long run. When it comes to the MOT - which I know a lot of people dread.

 They really are not as scary as they sound. They are an annual test that is carried out to ensure your vehicle is safe and road worthy. An MOT is extremely important as they are there to make sure your vehicle keys the legal standards.

 Iverson Tyres offers professional MOT in London. Visit their website for more information and don’t delay booking. You will be confident that you’ve kept up with the yearly maintenance and won’t have a big hefty bill on your hands , or a car suitable for the scrap yard

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