Tuesday 5 February 2019


Winter is never a good time in the UK is it . Cold , snow and just no fun st all. This is the time to check over your homes and make sure it is  ready for the winter weather conditions.

During the winter months properties can be damaged due to weather : rain , snow and wind and the dreaded storms we have. So it is crucial we keep the external fixtures and fitting of our home , especially the windows and doors, well maintained during the winter months.

The last thing we all want is to be freezing cold after Christmas due to our windows being damaged by outside elements, not to mention the cost of fixing them!.

I’ve come up with some maintenance tips that might help you prevent any serious problems caused by the cold weather and keep the budget for doing  this low :)

Check over all the windows- you might be keeping a close eye on some single glazed windows now the weather has taken a turn for the worst and need to replace them. Double glazed windows are not only best for the weather but they also keep in 90% more heat than single and last a lot longer .

Tighten and fix any loose fixtures or fittings - if you notice any of the fixtures or fittings in your windows lose , or perhaps the window handle is loose or stiff , then a simply solution to this is applying a lubricating solution on it to help improve the function is so inexpensive and would have saved you the cost of a whole window handle / which we have actually had to purchase in the past!

Check the seals- check over all the window seals as no doubt you will find that cheeky gap that has been causing a draft for ages and you haven’t been able to find the little sod! :) so check over any gators around your windows and the replacemt rubber seal is easy to get hold of and not expensive at all.

Weatherproof your windows- now I know we are guilty of this one . Our conservatory during the winter never gets any love or attention when it comes to maintenance and then come summer time we have had to replace our  Conservatory windows in the past . You can find affordable windows on a budget from get a window if your like is and failed looking after them :)

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