Sunday 3 February 2019


Happy Sunday! Two days of no school runs and no slippery journeys in the snow . We have had quite a bit of snow over the past week and it’s horrible walking to school in -6 weather .

Today has been a care free pyjama day. We love days like this and really look forward to the weekend when we can relax and watch moves and just wind down from the week .

It was actually Alessia’s idea to have a pyjama day. We had no plans to go out so why not! I say her idea, it was more of a demand as she didn’t want to take her new pyjamas off! :)

We have all been kindly sent some new pyjamas. The girls love their sets whilst I knew little Nila would be over the moon with upsy daisy ones and I wasn’t wrong , she is a little obsessed with her at the minute :)

Breakfast was something I was looking forward to - pancakes!. We don’t often have time to make pancakes before school so the weekend request is always pancakes .

The girls had chocolate spread and strawberries- the girls absolute favourite! I prefer banana and peanut butter :) we all snuggled up on the sofa and watched Malifcient, we haven’t watched that in such a long time and it’s definately in our top 10 favourite movies.

The older two decided they needed slipper socks on as they were cold , that’s what happens when you pick out short pyjamas sets, but Alessia loves the ‘my unicorn ate my homewrok’ Slogan and was adamant she wanted to pick these pyjamas when le Kadiann’s ‘barely awake’ slogan really did sum her up in every aspect of the word!

I ordered dominos for tea as a treat and the girls were so excited. We put on take me out whilst eating tea as it’s a thing we normally do on a Saturday. We ordered the new cheeseburger pizza and OMG it is delicious! I’d definitely try it out if you haven’t already, and of course the gooey cookies went down a treat for pudding .

Scott’s dad came over to drop some bits off and noticed my Wonder Woman pyjamas, and had a giggle . If you know me well then you will know I am a mad Marvel and DC fan and these pyjamas had me written all over them :)

They have such a wide range of pyjamas at the pyjama factory. From toddler to grown ups and so many readings to chose from . The quality of them is super soft and so comfy. The prices range from as little as £7.99 and would make great presents for birthdays or Christmas.

We ended the night with homemade strawberry milkshakes and snuggles in bed ..

- We were sent some pyjama sets to be featured in this post .

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