Saturday 9 March 2019


We haven’t been to the circus for quite a few years and absolutely love going . We were lucky enough to go and watch Gandeys circus in Newcastle Under Lyme this afternoon and was so excited for the show!

The girls love the circus and was so looking forward to it . We pulled up in the car and was so surprised by the queue!. It was huge / that’s always a good sign though isn’t it :)We parked up and collected our tickets and headed in. The girls wanted some snacks so we got some popcorn, candy floss and some slush puppies .

The food is reasonably priced , so you definitely won’t be breaking the bank! I like that they also did hot food , so you was able to get hot dogs and burgers , which would be ideal if you wanted to have a nice treat dinner at the evening show .

We sat in our seats and waited for the show to start. Nila was in awe of all the lights, being 21 months old , I thought she wouldn’t settle. She did have a few little moments with the loud noises , but she surprised us and even stood in front of us and watched the end performances.

They had so many different acts. There was singing and dancing . Fire!. It really is a circus of many talents. Chico and Joel are the hosts of the show and I have got to say we could not stop laughing at Chico, he was so funny and really engaged with the audience , which was brilliant . The girls thought he was hilarious and his little laugh was priceless.

We had a a 15 minute break, to get some more snacks or nip to the toilet . They also had face painting on the stage as well as a lion mascot which Nila absolutely loved and kept pointing to him saying ‘roar’. They also had a raffle to win some cuddly toys too.

The last part of the show was our favourite . You got to see a mermaid in a bauble in the air. Alessia was mesmerised! She really did look beautiful , and mine and Kadiann’s favourite was the motor bikers in the cage . I closed my eyes at one point !

The show was brilliant and had you at all emotions - it really did grip you and leave you hanging onto your chair in suspense . It’s been a lovely family afternoon and would definitely recommend it . We will definitely be seeing them again for sure :)

- We were gifted tickets in exchange for an honest review

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