Thursday 7 March 2019


If you have followed us for a while then you will know we don’t have much luck when it comes to cars. Cheap and cheerful seems to spring to mind with our vehicles and we really wanted to save up for a car that we love .

We have three children and go out quite a lot on day trips and tend to take the girls’ friends out with us so we were  looking for a 7 seater , preferably blue or black. I’ve always wanted a navy blue 7 seater , I just think they look really nice .

Rewind to last November when our MOT was due and our car failed on everything and anything it seemed . It had been on its last legs for a while and Kadiann, our eldest daughter wouldn’t even let her friends catch a ride anymore as she was embarrassed!.

Unbeknown to me , Scott had heen secretly saving up for the car of our dreams and had already made the decision that if the car needed to much work done on it then we would bite the bullet and purchase a new one :)

I could of already told him it needed a lot of work and I’m not the one that drives it !. So we got looking and found the car of our dreams that fit our budget and was also family friendly. A navy blue 7 seater Vauxhall Zafira caught my eye.

I instantly fell in love!. It was the perfect size for us and also for taking the kiddie’s friend out to Alton towers and days out with the extra seats . This was definitely a car I was going to show off and share all over Instagram :) We did purchase some different tyres  for it as Staffordshire has had tons of snow already , but apart from that she was good to go !

Are you a whizz kid with the camera?   can you take a great car selfie ?. I must admit I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to angles and lighting. Tyre city have actually released an infographic  below sharing all their tips and secrets when it comes to taking the perfect photograph of your car for Instagram.

  I’d love to see some of your car selfies and also get some tips as I am rubbish! Be sure to hashtag #InstagramYourCar so I can have a little nosey :)

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