Tuesday 5 March 2019


I am sitting in bed with a cup of tea and watching my last baby sleep peacefully in her cot like a big girl. I can’t actually believe She is in her cot , for more than a few days and although I miss co-sleeping with her , we both really needed the change to happen , and to happen permanently.

If you have followed me for a while then you will know I have written about Our co-sleeping journey with Nila. We have co slept pretty much from the get go and it has been incredible. I never co slept with the other two children and I wanted to experience the things I hadn’t done before as Nila is our last munchkin.

So last year I wrote a post from co - sleeping to using a cot as I had transitioned Nila into a cot for a few days and it was going so well , but circumstances were a little different then, we were staying at my parents and the routine was going to be changed again as we were due to move back to Staffordshire so I put her back into my bed.

I know I shouldn’t have and part of me probably did it for my own benefit but the separation anxiety was real and it was proving to be such a struggle . Fast forward to now and I woke up one morning and thought , now is the time for change.

I had been feeling a little low and as if I had lost myself , you know?. Having to stay in the bedroom incase Nila tossed and turned to much and fell out of the bed , not being able to go downstairs and watch a movie with Mezz or sit in with the girls and catch up on once upon a time , which we can now do and it’s bliss!, it was just getting me down .

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy for me mentally and emotionally and I was so nervous to make the transition but I did it in my own way. We come upstairs after her warm milk , and we snuggle up in my bed , usually with Alessia too, and watch CBeebies bedtime hour, or at the minute despicable me , it’s her absolute favourite, and we all love the songs and dance away to them :)

Once we’ve had our snuggle time , she has her dummy and falls asleep in my bed cuddling me , and then I transition her into the cot , and she is there until the next morning . The first few nights she woke up and stood up as if to say ‘where the hell am i?’ , which was funny , other times she cried , but it was only for a few nights and every morning she would get a praise for being a big girl and sleeping in her bed and she loved that :)

she has been in her cot for a month now and it has been such a positive transition.The first week I couldn’t sleep. I was so unsettled . I just lay there staring at her and it was awful, but keeping our snuggle routine before bed really helps me and I absolutely love her falling asleep with me . It might not work for everyone this way but it works for us and I am just so happy everyone is happy .

Nila has a good night routine now . I get to catch up on walking dead with Mezz with a tea and biscuits and cuddles in the living room. I must admit it is so weird relaxing in the living room of an evening. I haven’t done it in 20 months!. I go into Kay and catch up on the latest gossip with her and school, Alessia gets once upon a time ready on her laptop and we watch that in her bed .

I can paint my nails , have a soak in the bath and catch up on work . I am so glad we are at this point in our journey of co sleeping . I have loved every minute of it but I think now was definitely the time for a change :)

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