Saturday 16 March 2019


For me when it comes to driving I need to be focused . Especially when the girls are in the car with us , the littlest thing can easily put you off and it only takes a second to become to distracted for any accidents to happen.

The top distraction for drivers in the UK is noise - I can totally agree with this one . We do have the radio on when we are out in the car but the volume is never to loud for us to not be aware of our surroundings and also I like to think that when I am in the passenger seat I am another pair of eyes and ears , does anyone else feel like that when their partner Is driving?

Lease cars have released an infographic on some of the most common distractions and things people do whilst driving and I have got to say some of them have really surprised me!.

10% of women have applied make up whilst at a stop sign. That to me is absolutely ridiculous and surely you can wait to apply a bit of lip stick! Some might say they are at a red light but I think it only takes a second.

Also 12% of men have admitted to shaving whilst in the car.. I don’t know whether to call that a talent or down right stupid :)

Others have said having other passengers in the car can be a distraction- whether it be pets or their children. We have the children with us at all times , and they know that if we are driving then they are to beg e and keep seatbelts on at all times.

I was shocked to find out that 30% of drivers use the rear view mirror to speak to their children and 3% turn round to talk to them. The girls know that we are driving and to ask us ‘quickly look st this’ as they have done on occasion is a no go.

They can be quite distractive and at times we have had to stop the car and tell them to behave , especially if it is a long journey. My parents live in Norfolk which is 5 hours away and we have in the past leased out a car as for some reason our cars can never make it there :)

It’s a standing joke in our house when we discuss driving up to my parents, we also say will the car make it , so leasing out a car has been great for us. Lease cars have some great Kia leasing deals if your ever in the need of leasing out one .

I’d love to hear some of your car distractions or any tips or tricks you might have when it comes to driving and staying safe :)

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