Sunday 17 March 2019


Today has been a better day and definitely needed . Yesterday I didn’t have the best day - head wise , it sometimes gets like that. Suffering with low moods , it can come on so quickly and sometimes with no trigger . I plodded on and did the best I could and hoped for a better day today.

To be honest last week , work was hectic. I had so many deadlines and suffered with a few migraines due to over working - which isn’t fun when you work from home writing. Anyway I think that might of played a part to yesterday , but this today we woke up and had a lovely slow morning.

Sunday mornings always start with warm milk for Nila  and cups of tea for everyone else . We watched peter rabbit this morning- which was a right treat for me - if you follow us , then you will know despicable me is the favourite at the minute , and I was glad for the break! :)

I got all the school uniform ironed for the week whilst the girlies had breakfast . I really like doing this and have done it for a few weeks now , it really helps the school mornings seem less hectic .I did a food shop order online ready for tomorrow and we decided to head out to soft play after lunch.

The girls love soft play and it’s great for them to let off some steam as we haven’t been out all weekend . Nila is like a ninja in there . She is so fast and let me tell you, I was exhausted from chasing her!. She is definitely our wild child.

She wanted to go down all the slides on her own - even the ones Alessia was scared to go down , the child has no fear :).

The girls had a drink and a snack break . I always take snacks and Alessia loves getting a slushy as a special treat .

Mezz suggested we get a KFC for tea as a treat , which saved me cooking and also we haven’t had KFC in ages!. It was such a nice change . No cooking , or washing up to do - music to my ears.

We did end up watching despicable me whilst eating tea - I knew I wouldnt get away with it for the whole day!. The girls had their baths and we snuggled up in bed before bedtime.

I have had the longest bath tonight. Finished off some work bits ready for a fresh work week tomorrow and feel ready for the week ahead .

I hope you all have had a lovely Sunday whatever you have been to to :)

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