Thursday 4 April 2019


It can be difficult to keep your kids amused during the school holidays, but with a little bit of planning, you can make your home the ultimate entertainment zone.

With that in mind, here are some egg-stra tips for entertaining your kids this Easter.


Baking is the perfect activity for starters (and desserts) — it’s fun for children and adults alike. 
At this time of year, if you’re making biscuits, bake them rabbit shaped, or if you fancy some cake, load it with mini eggs on top.
This is a real opportunity for your kids to be creative, but if you’re short of ideas, there are lots of Easter baking recipes on the BBC Good Food website.  

Egg Decorating

This activity will really unleash your children’s creative side—simply hard-boil some eggs, then arm your kids with pens, paint and craft materials and set them loose to create weirdly wonderful egg designs.
They’ll be busy for hours and if you’re feeling arty, you can always join in. To get you in the mood, check out some egg decoration ideas from Pinterest. 
But a terrific theme for egg decorating is getting your children to design an egg that looks like their favourite TV character—they’ll love it! 

Film Marathon

While it’s important for children to be active, after weeks of school, they’ll undoubtedly want some time to unwind, and quite right too. 
So select a day and dedicate it to nothing but watching filmand consuming copious amounts of yummy snacks. 
Let your children pick the films for the movie marathon to get them engaged from the start. Alternatively, it could be exciting for you to surprise them with a line-up of top films which includes classics from your childhood and modern masterpieces — the best of both worlds. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Don’t confine your activities to the house — if you have a garden, it’s the perfect place for an Easter egg hunt. 
Kids love a mystery, a challenge and thrive on competition, so let them invite round a few friends for the hunt to team up in pairs or work as solo sleuths. Either way, it’ll be real treat. 

Backyard Camping

Make the most of your garden by creating a mini campsite —put up a tent, grab some sleeping bags, tear open a packet of marshmallows and enjoy.
Your children will be in their element as they customise their camp area and if the Easter weather disappoints, they can still comfortably enjoy the outdoors from their cosy tent.
But remember that life outdoors can be messy and you don’t want your children bringing that muck into your house to spread germs and stain surfaces. A door mat remains the best barrier, and mat stores such as Kleen-Tex have got you covered. 
As you can see, the home is a hub of awesomeness that should not be underestimated. 
So think up a range of activities that utilise your home space, incorporate an Easter theme and your kids are sure to be distracted for the duration.

I’d love you to share some of your own Easter entertainement tips and tricks :)

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