Tuesday 2 April 2019


When it comes to bills, I must admit we just go with the flow . We sign up with the suppliers that everybody knows and let the direct debits roll out of our bank accounts every month.

Are we getting the best deals on our gas and electricity? I can tell you we are probably  not . Life just gets so busy doesn’t it ? And I always say , who has time to shop around.

We are a busy family of five . Three children, including a 20 month old who is at home with me all day, whilst I work. Being self employed - a work from home mum  plus a  at home mum combined- life is busy.

Our favourite saying in this house is  there just is not enough hours in the day, and it is so true!. We’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to reduce as much of our spending this year so we can go away in the summer.

We haven’t been on holiday as a family for 5 years, and it really is something that we are trying our best to save for. When I came across Look after my bills, I was very intrigued.


They are a service that compares the best deals out there for your gas and electricity suppliers and does all the hard work for you. They look after your pennies  every year and if there is money to be saved and a better deal the next year they will automatically switch it over for you!.

They have 100,000 members and are the most established energy switching company. On average look after my bills save people £251 , some cases have been a saving of £400- that’s incredible!


Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? . It is as simple as that. You will receive anemail once the comparing takes place and if a better deal is found then they will automatically switch over for you so you don’t lose out . 

What is so great about this service is you then get 14 days to look over the policy from the new suppliers or cancel if you want . This is what I loved the most about the service.

To find out that the last 2 years , 57% of people have been on the standard variable tarriffs, which is in fact the most expensive tariff, and with only 18% of people last year switching over , it just goes to show a service like look after my bills is definitely needed :)

We will definitely be switching to look after my bills and can not wait for the savings to start coming in :) 

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