Sunday 31 March 2019


Happy Mother’s Day, I am shattered! :) all the kiddies are in bed and we have had a lovely day together, it has been so nice .

It’s been a kinda carefree no plans day- which if I am honest has been lovely . I opened my gifts and cards which were so cute!. Alessia bought me a cake on Friday from the mother’s day sale at school. It was blinking delicious and we all had a taste test, typical isn’t it :)

Kadiann went into town and chose a gorgeous mum pandora charm for my bracelet and a lush bath bomb to have a soak in the bath with one night.

We made mother’s day cards at playgroup on Thursday so Nila gave me her card ,  she was very proud of her work too, which was the cutest .

We had tea and bikkies and a movie this morning with the older two while little Nila had her nap. We then went out for adventures .

We live by so many different nature walks and trails so we decided to try one we haven’t done so yet , which led us to a park and some horses!. We also got chased by some evil geese , which was pretty funny and exhausting! They can bloody run let me tell you!

We got home and got straight into our jammies and snuggled up watching Nila’s favourite movie - despicable me. We ordered in a Chinese for tea as I was determined not to cook. Mezz had already said it was his plan to order a take away- good lad :)

I am well and truly stuffed and can not  move . We did end the evening with lotus biscoff spread on rich tea biscuits so that’s probably not helped but hey it’s Mother's Day.

 I’ve had a lovely day with my girls and I hope you all have had the best day you could of x

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