Friday 17 May 2019


If you are familiar with slimming world then you would of heard of dirty rice before . It’s such a simple dinner and doesn’t take no time at all to cook and also a lot less to prep.

The recipe has been recreated many times and I thought I’d share my take on it. I’ve stuck with the typical Cajun seasoning for that spice kick but also added sage as pork and sage are a match made in heaven and it really brings out the flavour of the pork .


500G 5% pork mince
2 cups of dried rice
2 spring onions
1 white onion
1 tablespoon of Cajun seasoning
1 tablespoon of dried sage
Little salt and pepper
Fry light
Peppers - I used a cup of frozen sliced ones but whatever you have in is fine :)


I cook my rice first before I start on the pork mince so it can cool down and be added later once it is needed. You can use the microwave packet ones but do check them for their syn values if you are here for slimming world inspiration :)

In a frying pan , spray a little fry light and add your pork mince and onions. Let them cook until the mince has browned off a little, then add your peppers at this point to soften.


I find using frozen peppers work so well with this recipe as they soften super quick, which is what you are looking for . I love frozen veggies and they are also super cheap too!

Once all that has softened and browned off add in your herbs and spices and stir.

Here’s when you add in your rice . Give it a good mix and make sure the rice is completely coated and mixed in with your mince.

Add your spring onions , give it another mix and dinner is served.

It’s honestly  super delicious. You can have it with a big salad if you like but I’ll be honest , I just sit and indulge in a big plate of this on its own :)

I’d love to know if you recreate this recipe and how tastyout of 10 you’d give it !

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