Saturday 11 May 2019


Working from home has its pros and cons. I love the fact that I am able to stay at
Home with Nila and also earn a living . The downside is not knowing when to ‘switch off’, but it works for me and my family :)

I get asked a lot about being self employed and working from home and what my must haves are . A lot of people assume that they would all be physical things like books and notepads and endless amounts of stationary.

Although they are the kind of stuff I have laying around my desk , they are not my essentials, and to be honest I could probably do without .

The most important thing for me working from home is broadband. I am a blogger and a freelance writer, it is essential for me to have the internet and also to have a good provider so looking around for different internet options for my address to find the best one available at the best possible price is essential.

Have you ever been in that position where your broadband just doesn’t want to work? Too slow, won’t connect? Or you’re paying a ridiculous price and can hardly use it?

We had such a nightmare with our broadband last year and working from home was impossible. I searched for the latest broadband deals and came across a comparison  site.

Comparison sites actually cover a wide spectrum of offer deals , so whether  it’s tv, broadband , home phone or mobile - and the service is completely free!. So the listings you see all include the charges and line rental so you pay the price you see :)

Second is definitely a schedule . I must admit I do sometimes have to work early hours but this could be down to the baby being awake teething or I’ve had a day off so I have to make up for it , but mostly I stick to a schedule as much as I can so I am not over working myself and things can run smoothly .

Lastly is my iPhone . The only physical thing . A lot of people would say my laptop, but I work from my phone 85% of the time . The iPhones are great for blogging apps and editing photos for articles . I really would be lost without my iPhone.

Let me know about your essentials if you work from home , I’d love to hear them

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