Monday 10 June 2019


Over the weekend we swapped our room with the younger two and they now have bunk beds!. I’m not going to lie I was a little bit skeptical about the change but it was definitely needed.

Nila had been  up every night and wouldn’t go back to sleep in the cot and ended up in with us - literally every night. Then mezz ended up sleeping in Alessia’s bed and both the younger two just shared the bed with me .

It wasn’t what we wanted but we all needed a good night sleep and this was the only way how !. I then tried her back in the cot and figured out why she was waking in the middle of the night . She kept smacking her head on the cot and that was waking her up.

She was just to big for the cot , so I said to Mezz maybe it was time to do the room change over now as she needed a big girls bed . I searched for the best bunk beds and found one which was perfect for toddlers . It arrived the next day and we did not hesitate to get it up straight away!.

Alessia was so excited to be getting bunk beds and she really couldn’t wait to share a room with her sissy. It took ages to put it but we got there in the end and the girls absolutely love it!.

They love their new room and as soon as Nila walked in there she shouted wow!! It was so cute . She has woken up during the night and I’ve put her dummy back and and got back into bed . Fingers and toes crossed it’s going well, the weekend has been a success.

It’s so nice to get our evenings back now where we can a film or catch up in the day. Also to be able to spend quality time with Kay and Alessia is so lovely and I have really missed it!.

I can’t believe my baby is in a big girls bed . How has nearly 2 years gone by so quickly!. It’s crazy isn’t it? You blink and the years just pass.

I’m so glad the move has gone well , it’s gone better than I thought it would. I’ve ordered lots of storages from Ikea tonight and we are also painting so everyone is going to have a fresh new room and I can not wait ! :)

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