Saturday 8 June 2019


When it comes to the girls they love nothing more than getting the crafts out . Our cupboard is literally full to the brim with paints and fabrics and god knows what else.

We have been big fans of the little Brian paint sticks for a long time now . The girls love them , especially Nila. They are great for little hands!.

We were lucky enough  to be sent their new range - face paint sticks. When I told the girls we were being sent these they were so excited. They love face painting and we are known to spend the weekends coming up with new ideas and designs for the next holiday :)

The set includes 12 markers and you get all the colours you would need to make the designs in the how to booklet provided.

We were challenged to try out the pig and the bumble bee and then one of our own . Nila loves the hungry caterpillar at the minute so I knew she would pick that one straight away.

Kay chose the bumble bee so we started with her . I’ll be honest , I didn’t think these would work , but they are so easy to use. The paint goes on really well and soft. All three of the girls suffer with eczema and i can glady say they didn’t have any reactions from these at all- and Nila had hers on until bedtime as she didn’t want me to wipe it off! :)

I think the bumble bee came out really well. You don’t need any water or other pens to use these markers but I did use a small make up brush to get the fine lines at the bottom , which I think is  great that you can take some of the paint off the marker if you wanted to go into real detail then you could.

Alessia chose the pig - she was hoping to look like peppa pig but even I’m not that good ! :) she was really happy with how it turned out and Nila kept oinking at her which made us all giggle .

Nila’s caterpillar was super easy to do and she sat so well whilst I done it . We’ve had a lovely afternoon putting our skills to the test and like I mentioned earlier , Nila kept hers on all day, so if you do suffer from eczema or  sensitive skin then these are perfect for your little ones .

They dry instantly and don’t smudge at all. We used a wet flannel to get them off and they cane off with one wipe. No rubbing the skin until it’s red raw. I’m so impressed with these and I think they are definitely going to be a firm favourite in our house :)

The face paint sticks retail for £9.99 

-We were kindly sent this product in exchange for an honest review

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