Thursday 6 June 2019


One thing I absolutely love is tomato soup. Heinz tomato soup with some cheese on toast to dip in , so good!.

I wanted to try and make my own syn free slimming world version which is not only for ee on the slimming world plan but a lot healthier for the girls - Alessia is a tomato soup monster, she loves it :)

You don’t need a lot of ingredients either so it’s even better !


1 finely diced carrot
1 finely diced celery
1 finely diced white onion
- you can cheat with these . If you buy a soffrito mix, it is a pack of chopped celery, carrot and onion. I love having a bag of this in the freezer :) just ooo half the bag in if your using the frozen mix.
1 tin of chopped tomatoes/ or plum. Any is fine just cut them up
1 beef stock
Salt and pepper
Half a punnet of fresh tomatoes - 100g


Start by adding your finely chopped veg into a pan and fry that off until it is soft . I usually chop my fresh tomatoes in half whilst I’m waiting for this to happen

Then add in your fresh tomatoes and let them soften down for a couple of minutes . Add in your tinned tomatoes when they have gone to mush :)

Now add in your stock cube and a sprinkling of salt  and pepper along with a can of water . Just fill you tinned tomato can up with water and add that to your pan .

Let it all simmer away on the hob for 20 minutes then it’s done . You can either blitz it up with a hand blender or pop it in a blender and whizz it up that way, and that’s your tomato soup done.

I normally have cheesy toast with mine but a cheesy bagel goes down a treat too- especially for dipping!

I’d love to know if you recreate this recipe and what you think.

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