Tuesday 30 July 2019


The sun has got his hat on and his coming out to play :) We’ve been in the garden pretty much all day . We’ve had breakfast outside and ended the day with having tea outside before bed .

I love the fact that we have a garden now , and to not have to worry about going out everyday in the summer holidays is actually a breath of fresh air.

We’ve got everything set up outside and letting the girls take the lead and play until their hearts content is the best kind of summer fun in my eyes.

The sandpit has got to be one of the kids favourite things in the garden at the minute . My dad actually made it . It’s a bench that turns into a sandpit too- it’s brillsint and Nila sits for ages building her little towers.

The radio has been on and I’ve even had chance to read a little of my book, and sunbathe! , which doesn’t happen often. 

The joys of motherhood sometimes eh? :)

Hopscotch drawing with chalk was a hit with Alessia. Anyone else old enough to remember drawing hopscotch at school? Dropping the stone on number 1 , and then going all the way up to 10 and back and picking the stone up :)

We’ve had a lovely day and not spent a penny - not even on the ice cream van! We opted for ice creams from the freezer !

Days spent having fun for free are needed. The summer holidays can be super expensive and can make you feel a little pressure to bring the best and most expensive days - not at all!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer holidays so far! :) 

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